Big Fun Enterprise has been applying henna for over 13 years! We only do free hand designs so that each henna tattoo is unique. We can do henna for any special event or party no matter how large or small. Please refer to our rates and services tab at the top of our website. 

What is Henna?

Henna is a plant that is crushed into a powder. We use Jamila henna, lemon juice, sugar and essential oil. The oil is either lavender or eucalyptus. We make the henna paste so that we use the freshest product. Once the paste is made me can create beautiful one of a kind henna tattoos.

How long does henna last?

Henna stains last 1-3 weeks. This is with normal washing. Henna only stains the top layer of the skin. Henna is not a permanent tattoo it is only temporary.

If you are looking for a henna kit to use or give as a gift and you are in the Phoenix area please give us a call and ask about our basic henna kit.

We never use or sell black henna. Black henna is not natural and not safe for the skin. We take safety very serious.

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